Nganhali (From There)

Artist: Amanda Hinkelmann



This piece is a representation of the Dreaming - the time of creation. It was during this time the land was shaped, the rivers and mountains were formed, and animals, people and plants were born. The stories of creation have been passed down like letters from our ancestors from generation to generation.

Nganhali represents the forming of the land, the hills and valleys. The mobs sitting together and sharing their stories and their knowledge of country. It shows the rain, falling on the land and the rivers flowing for the first time.

Born on Wiradjuri Land in Wagga Wagga, Amanda is an exceptionally passionate and talented Aboriginal artist who has been creating breathtaking original artworks from her studio under the moniker ‘Because of my Four’ for many years now. Amanda’s artworks share stories of resilience, strength, and the power of women. She draws inspiration from her hometown of Wagga Wagga, her family, and the Dreamtime - displaying Aboriginal culture and storytelling in her own contemporary Aboriginal art style, developed through intuition and an innate desire to create.


Copyright of all artworks and text remains with the artist Amanda Hinkelmann.