Jewellery Holders

Jewellery holders are decorative stands that keep necklaces, bracelets, and rings organised and visible. Jewellery stands come in a wide range of styles to suit any aesthetic, from sleek metal designs to delicate glass trays.

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Jewellery bowls are another great way to keep your collection organised. These handy little dishes can hold everything from rings and earrings to charms and brooches. To make them even greater, some jewellery bowls come with lids to protect your precious pieces from dust and dirt. 

Whether you opt for holders or bowls (or both!), having a dedicated place to store your jewellery can make getting dressed each morning a lot easier – and a lot more fun. So go ahead and add a little luxury to your life with some beautiful jewellery storage solutions from Bauhaus.

Our jewellery stands are crafted for the bohemian spirit, with elegant and unrestrained detail in our designs. And our jewellery holders such as the Filigree Glass Jewellery Box offer an eclectic way to show off your collection while keeping it tidy. No matter what your style is, we have the perfect piece of jewellery storage for you.

What Types of Jewellery Boxes Are Available?

Each type of jewellery box has its own unique benefits that can help you keep your collection organised, safe, and beautiful. Glass jewellery trays or boxes offer a chic way to display your pieces in your space while also keeping them organised and untangled. Glass jewellery sorters are  great for those who have a lot of different types of jewellery, as they offer easy eye-access to all of your jewellery without having to rummage through it all.

Trinket trays are perfect for storing all sorts of jewellery out in the open. Trays such as the Frida Kahlo Trinket Shell or Evil Eye Trinket Shell are perfect to keep on your bedside table or in the bathroom. This way you can keep your jewellery in one spot before taking a shower or going to bed, and will never worry about misplacing it!

Jewellery bowls can be used to store everything from rings and earrings to charms. The eclectic Pelican Bowl is large enough to store all your jewellery while making a statement in any room. Some jewellery bowls come with lids or have secret compartments so your jewellery remains concealed. Two of our favourites include the unique Pig Bowl and classic Butterfly Trinket Bowl.

Is a Jewellery Bowl a Good Way to Store Jewellery?

A jewellery bowl is a great way to store your jewellery collection neatly. They can hold everything from rings and earrings to charms and brooches. Jewellery bowls come in many different sizes, shapes, and materials so you can find the perfect one to suit your needs.

No matter if you're seeking a jewellery holder that will also make a beautiful piece of home decor such as the Monkey Bowl, or if you want a simple jewellery box to do the job. Bauhaus has the perfect piece for your home. Browse our range of jewellery holders today! For more information about Bauhaus, take a look at our FAQs.