Tired of the same plain jane Christmas decorations? We’ve got you covered. With our selection of unique and curated boho Christmas decorations, you’ll be sure to have unique Yuletide gear.

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Boho Christmas decor adds a touch of festivity to your home like no other Chrissy decor can. Is there a better way to spend Christmas than setting up a tree, each child with a bauble in one hand and hot cocoa in the other? Or prepping stockings while the scent of gingerbread cookies fills the whole house? Divine! Our decorations are, similar to your cookies, handmade and therefore special in their own way. This makes each piece you have serve a perfect memory and last longer versus just a regular Christmas ornament.       

What are boho Christmas decorations? 

Boho Christmas decorations are unpretentious, handmade decorations that have  Scandinavian roots. These decorations are often different from the commercial Christmas decorations you see at your local store. Staying away from the commercial hues of green and red, these decorations tend to be more subtle and allow for a mix of different decorations without looking gaudy. 

Light up your Christmas tree with our boho Christmas decor

Boho Christmas decorations are becoming more fashionable and chic every year. Since the world is slowly starting to move towards minimalism, it is easier to see why boho Christmas decorations are definitely a breath of fresh air! 

What Boho Christmas items should I buy? 

Here are a few items that can give your Christmas a boho vibe. 

  1. Christmas Tree: One of our nice reusable pre-lit Christmas trees is a sustainable and neat way to get the spirit of Christmas started at home! 
  2. Baubles: What’s a Christmas tree without any baubles?  They’re great for the kids to put up and bring a pop of colour to the room. Choose one of our beautifully designed Christmas baubles and brighten up your tree!
  3. Candles: To replace the scent of pine trees, swap out for these sustainable Moroccan glass candles and breathe in the soothing scent.
  4. House accessories: We know you don’t need an excuse to buy further accessories, so we recommend this adorable reindeer bowl to go with your Christmas-themed living room! A real keeper for future Christmases to come. 

Do Boho Christmas decorations make good gifts for Secret Santa?

In short, yes! 

When it comes to choosing a good secret santa gift, you'll want to think about the person you're buying for. What are their interests? What do they like to do in their spare time? If you're not sure, there are plenty of general gift ideas that will work for anyone. A nice bowl, a candle holder, or a piece of jewellery are all safe bets.

Bauhaus boho Christmas decor serves as a perfect gift, especially for pre - Christmas parties. When you gift someone a Bauhaus item, you are giving them a piece they will forever associate with you. So if you’re in a more formal setting and want to skip the usual kris kringle gift, choose one of Bauhaus's Christmas ornaments instead! And if you’re still looking for a fun secret Santa gift, we have a charming collection of gifts and gags in our Kris Kringle section of the Christmas aisle. 

Get personal with one of our reindeer dishes or a set of 6 sacred country baubles will be the perfect present for your coworker! 

Where can I buy Christmas gifts in Australia? 

For a unique selection of warm gifts and trinkets, you can take a look at our collection of curated Christmas gifts and books. 

Check out FAQ’s for some of the more commonly asked queries. For any large-scale purchase or interior design requirement, feel free to get in touch with us directly through the contact section of the website.