Jewellery Care

General Jewellery Care

Our brass, 925 sterling silver and gold plated jewellery may naturally oxidise over time. Tarnished metal jewellery will appear darker than the original colour and dull. To restore their shine, you can gently rub your jewellery with a polishing cloth. This is a natural process and should not be considered a defect; Bauhaus will not replace jewellery due to oxidisation.

Exposure to water, soaps, perfume and other beauty products may cause jewellery to oxidise quickly. We recommend you do not wear jewellery while bathing or swimming to keep them looking their best. Leather pieces may deteriorate and change colour if they get wet.

To keep your jewellery in good condition we recommend storing the piece in the provided pouch in a cool, dry place.

Silver and brass are soft metals; take care when inserting or removing thin earring posts/hooks, they may snap if bent. When adjusting the bands of adjustable rings and bracelets, be gentle and go slow to avoid breakage or kinks in thinner bands. Please take care when wearing fine chains, they will happily hold your collection of charms but may not withstand excessive pulling if they are snagged or become caught. Bauhaus may not be able to replace broken jewellery with evidence of bending, pulled links or other careless handling and accidental damage.

Gold Plated Jewellery

Gold plated jewellery will naturally lose their plating over time, revealing the colour of the metal underneath. Avoid exposure to water, soaps, perfume and other beauty products, store your piece in the pouch provided when you are not wearing it and avoid excessive polishing (only polish lightly when needed) for a longer lasting plating.

Bauhaus cannot re-plate jewellery for you. Please ask your local jewellery stores if you would like to have your jewellery re-plated.


Milena Zu - Care instructions for your jewellery

This piece of jewellery is designed by Milena Zu, and it is entirely hand crafted on the island of Bali.

Follow the handling instructions to avoid damage that can result from the mishandling of your jewellery.

How To Wear

  1. All handmade jewellery should be handled with care. Adjusting posts and bending the jewellery can create weak points, increasing the chance of it breaking.
  2. When you wear or store your jewellery, please be aware there is nothing but ‘air’ within the soft woven metal shapes. Any pressure applied from the outside may distort the original shape.
  3. If your jewellery has stones it should be worn in a way to avoid any rough treatment such as impact on hard surfaces or extreme shaking. Milena Zu's craftsmen use an ancient technique to encase each stone by hand in the metal settings, this highly enhances its colour but it's vulnerable to impact.
  4. Over a period any rubbing of the jewellery or contact with cosmetics, perfumes or chemicals can wear down the coating of gold and silver plating or oxidizing. Sometimes this will enhance the metal's natural shining patina. In some cases, such as gold-plated silver, the coating should be applied again to restore the jewellery's original colour.