The Bauhaus earring collection is unparalleled in terms of quality and style. From classic to boho earrings, our range includes pieces to suit every aesthetic. 

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Whether you’re looking for a statement piece that helps you stand out from the crowd or an understated pair of earrings that perfectly complement the rest of your outfit, Bauhaus’ comprehensive product line contains everything you need. 

Boho Style

Short for bohemian, the boho style is unique and free-spirited. Bohemian can be used to describe everything from clothing to interior design and draws inspiration from an assortment of historical figures and movements. With a range of colourful, individual, and quirky products, Bauhaus’ product line espouses the bohemian lifestyle and all it represents.

Boho Earrings

What to expect from Bauhaus’ boho earrings? Unique pieces that reflect your style and enable you to share your larger-than-life personality. High quality earrings that make a statement and are built to last. Earrings in Adelaide that draw inspiration from all over the world. Enjoy browsing our collection of boho earrings — who knows what you will discover.


Few flowers represent the bohemian lifestyle better than the daisy. A symbol of positivity and new beginnings, daisies are often found in the wild — they are a flower that cannot be tamed.

The Daisy Long Drop Earrings are made from mixed metals and rhinestones and are a perfect option for everyday wear. Pair them with another floral piece for a full-bloom effect or make them the centrepiece of your outfit, complemented by muted pastel colours.  

If a long drop is not the style of your typical earrings, Bauhaus also offers a simpler Daisy Drop Earrings piece. 


Bauhaus is synonymous with strong shapes and vibrant colours. Combine that with the soft, free-spirited boho style and you have Bauhaus Pippa Earrings

A three-tiered piece, the Pippa Earrings combine block colours with a simple pattern to create a fun and timeless look.   


Simple can be fun but sometimes you want a complex earring that will make a statement. Enter the Ariana Earrings.

Made from mixed metals and resin, the Ariana Earrings are a marbled piece with splashes of eye-catching gold. In the case of these earrings, boho definitely equals high-class style. This pair is guaranteed to be a conversation starter.


A circle has no beginning and no end. It is often described as ‘the perfect shape’ and represents both non-existence and eternity.

Whether you’re trying to make this statement with your choice of jewellery is entirely up to you. What we do know is that you’ll love Bauhaus’ Sonny Earrings, a timeless classic piece available in both yellow and cream. Not necessarily a statement piece, the Sonny Earrings will perfectly complement any type of outfit, from formal wear to an office outfit.


Raffia is a type of fibre derived from the Raffia palm, a plant commonly found throughout Madagascar and Africa. It’s soft, durable, and easy to dye, making it an excellent material for everything from rugs to boho earrings.


Bauhaus’ Raffia Disk Earrings are available in both yellow and rainbow, meaning you have the option of standing out from the crowd or going with the flow. Either way, you’ll be wearing a piece that perfectly reflects the boho style and ethos.

Bauhaus’ range of boho earrings is high-quality and extensive. Perhaps you’ve got a special event coming up and are looking for the perfect earrings in Adelaide that will complete your look. Alternatively, maybe you’re wanting to purchase a couple of pairs for everyday wear. Whatever the case, enjoy exploring our product line — we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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