Dharrang (Message Stick)

Artist: Amanda Hinkelmann


Be taken on a visual journey through the beginning of time, where all life began – The Creation Period. From nothing, all at once, life appears.

Clusters of people gather together at meeting places, moving from one place to the next, forging pathways as they travel. Intricately painted line work and angles represent the beginnings of time’s first tools. The creation of the first creeks and rivers are represented through a mirage of circles, joining with every whisper of the water’s swirling and flowing.

These beginnings, these Dreamings, are held sacred to Aboriginal peoples – stories that only we know and understand. Stories that run deep in our culture and bloodlines. These stories are our ‘Dharrang’, our letters from Ancestors, that only we know how to read.


Born on Wiradjuri Land in Wagga Wagga, Amanda is an exceptionally passionate and talented Aboriginal artist who has been creating breathtaking original artworks from her studio under the moniker ‘Because of my Four’ for many years now. Amanda’s artworks share stories of resilience, strength, and the power of women. She draws inspiration from her hometown of Wagga Wagga, her family, and the Dreamtime - displaying Aboriginal culture and storytelling in her own contemporary Aboriginal art style, developed through intuition and an innate desire to create.


Copyright of all artworks and text remains with the artist Amanda Hinkelmann.