Jewellery Information

Jewellery Policy
Bauhaus will not replace jewellery for general wear-and-tear or improper handling which include but are not limited to: 
Damage to the surface of the metal including but not limited to scratching, rub marks, tarnishing or pitting. 
Damage or wear to set, strung stones or pearls including loss of lustre, scuffing, cracks and flaking of lacquer and abrasion. 
Damaged parrot clasps, watchband clasps, jump rings or other parts due to wear and tear. 
Loss of items or parts. 
Damage to the enamel surface which causes discoloration, stickiness, dullness or 'lifting' of the enamel.
Broken, snapped or compromised cords, stringing, elastic or chain links due to wear and tear. 
Improper cleaning of products e.g. factory blackened/oxidized items incorrectly 'dipped' or cleaned. 
Damage to watch bands as a result of improper use and/or care i.e.i leather immersed in water. 
Jewellery Care

Our brass, 925 sterling silver and gold plated jewellery may naturally oxidise over time. To restore their shine, you can gently rub your jewellery with a polishing cloth. This is a natural process and should not be considered a defect; Bauhaus will not replace jewellery due to oxidisation.

Exposure to water, soaps, perfume and other beauty products may cause jewellery to oxidise quickly. We recommend you do not wear jewellery while bathing or swimming to keep them looking their best.

Silver and brass are soft metals; take care when inserting or removing thin earring posts/hooks, they may snap if bent. When adjusting the bands of adjustable rings and bracelets, be gentle and go slow to avoid breakage or kinks in thinner bands. Please take care when wearing chains, they will happily hold your collection of charms but may not withstand pulling if they are snagged or become caught.

Bauhaus may not be able to replace broken jewellery with evidence of bending, pulled links or other careless handling and accidental damage.


Bauhaus does not accept exchanges on earrings for hygiene reasons.

Ring Sizing

At Bauhaus we size our rings using US common ring sizing. Not sure what your ring size is? Please view the ring sizing page for more information.