Bohemian Bracelets

Bauhaus’ range of boho bracelets is perfect for anyone looking for a subtle, understated bracelet or bangle to adorn their wrist. Live out your boho dreams with one (or two) of our artisan bracelets.

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Boho Style

Boho combines elements from different cultures and aesthetics to offer a unique, eclectic style.   

Boho isn’t one strict colour or design. Rather, it’s a style that values the individual and the slightly eccentric. Boho is often associated with hippie culture and boho-inspired jewellery and clothing often feature flowers, beads, fringes, and tie-dye patterns. However, there are no strict rules — boho is more of an approach to life rather than an interior design trend. 

Many of Bauhaus’ jewellery pieces, homewares, and decor draw inspiration from the boho movement and style.

Boho Bracelets

Browse our most popular boho bracelets below.


Few flowers are quite as bright or happy as the sunflower. Sunflowers traditionally symbolise honesty, devotion, and peace and play an important role in many religions and cultures. 

In Greek mythology, for example, the sunflower is associated with the story of the water nymph Clytie, who fell in love with the sun god Helios and watched him for several days, eventually turning into a sunflower.

Bauhaus’ Sunflower Bracelet is an understated piece that will bring a little burst of sunshine to your day. 


Reach for the stars with a Star Light Bracelet. Stars are a classic boho symbol and are often paired with moon emblems for a cohesive bohemian look. This chain is 15cm long and comes with a 3cm extender to fit all sizes.


Bees are amongst the most important insects to our ecosystem, supporting the growth of a wide range of plants and flowers. Bees also feature in myth and folklore from around the world and are often seen as magical creatures that act as messengers between our world and the afterlife.

You might choose to wear our Bee Bracelet for these reasons — or maybe you just like the way it looks! Made from 925 sterling silver, it’s an elegant and subtle boho bracelet. 


The moon plays an important role in both science and culture. Humans have been keeping track of our own moon’s movements for thousands of years and many mythologies place it at the centre of their fables and stories. 

The different phases of the moon often feature heavily in boho-inspired decor and jewellery. Take our Celestial Moon Bracelet, for example. Two crescent moons bookend a bright shining star for a tasteful and discerning boho bracelet.   


The lotus flower symbolises rebirth and resurrection. It’s one of the eight sacred symbols of Buddhism and speaks to the ability of humans to rise up through their surroundings and achieve enlightenment — similar to the way a lotus flower escapes through the mud to blossom and bloom.

Made from 925 sterling silver, Bauhaus’ Lotus Bracelet is a perfect reminder of your ability to do your best despite adverse circumstances. 

Styling A Boho Bracelet

Bauhaus offers a broad range of jewellery pieces and accessories to complement your new artisan bracelet.

Styling a boho bracelet is fairly simple in that the bohemian aesthetic is more about following your own personal brand than any strict rules. Consider pairing your boho bracelet with an understated bohemian ring and a pair of Gold Pearl Drop Rectangle Huggies for the perfect cohesive boho look.

If you follow your own spirit, you’ll always be authentically boho.   

Bauhaus’ range of boho bracelets includes a number of quality gold and silver pieces that will complement any type of outfit. Spend some time browsing our product line online today and be sure to contact our friendly team with any questions.