Fragrance Lamps

What is a fragrance lamp?

The fragrance lamps are oil burning fragrance diffusers. The glass body, decorated with hand laid mosaics, holds the fragrance oil. The wick soaks up the oil, and the stone at the neck of the bottle burns the oil vapors to diffuse scent.  They can diffuse your chosen fragrance efficiently without the danger of an open flame.

How to use fragrance lamps

  1. Fill the lamp up to 2/3 full with your chosen fragrance using the provided funnel on a spill resistant surface. The lamp oils are flammable, clean up any spills with a paper towel and allow to fully evaporate away from heat sources.
  2. Insert the stone/wick assembly into the lamp. Cover the stone with the snuffer cap and allow the oil to soak into the wick for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Make sure the lamp is placed on a flat, heat proof surface out of reach of children and pets and away from any combustable materials. Remove the snuffer cap and light the stone. Do not leave the burning lamp unattended.
  4. Allow the stone to burn for 2-3 minutes, then blow out the flame. Do not cover the flame with the snuffer cap. The stone will still be hot. Do not touch the stone while in use. Use the decorative cap to cover the stone.
  5. Use the lamp for no more than 30 minutes at a time. To stop the lamp, remove the decorative cap (caution: may be hot!) and cover the stone with the snuffer cap.

Care and cleaning

The outside of the lamp can be cleaned using regular household glass cleaning supplies. Ensure that the lamp is cool before cleaning.

If you have problems lighting the stone, you may need to clean the wick.

To clean the wick:

  1. Take out the wick/stone assembly and put it into a ceramic bowl/cup.
  2. Pour the lamp oil into the bowl/cup until the wick is completely covered.
  3. Cover the top with cling wrap and leave for 10 minutes.
  4. Replace the wick/stone assembly in the lamp and light the wick. Caution: the flame may be up to 3 inches high.


How do I open the lamp fragrance bottle?

Can I mix the lamp fragrances?

Yes, it is safe to mix the different fragrances to create your own unique scent!

How do I change to a different lamp fragrance?

Use the provided funnel to pour any remaining oil back into the bottle. If you do not want the scents to mix, you can leave the wick out on a safe surface (such as a ceramic bowl/plate/trivet) to allow any remaining oil to evaporate before placing it back into the lamp.

Can I use other types of oil in the lamp?

We do not reccommend using any other oils besides the lamp fragrance oils. These oils have been specially developed to work well in the lamp and not damage the stone.

Can I leave the lamp filled with fragrance oil?

If you know you will not be using your lamp again for an extended period of time, it is best to remove the remaining oil in the lamp. Leaving oil in the lamp may block the wick, see wick cleaning instructions above.